How we work/Our clients

How we work

  • we build life-long relationships with our clients
  • we aim to achieve win-win situations
  • we share same values with our clients
  • we are devoted to continuous professional development
  • we are professionals
  • we support others in their development and progress
  • we are contributing to community

Our life-long clients

Business Sector

Corporate Learning Solutions, UK/Belgium (clients: 3M, XELLA, DHL); STRABAG, Serbia; STRABAG Montenegro; Hemofarm Serbia; Mercuri Urval, Austria (client: Austrian Post); New Frontier Group, Austria (client: SAGA, Serbia); SGS Serbia; SGS Russia, SGS Slovakia; SGS Turkey; SGS Bulgaria; Ward Howell, Russia (NIS, GAZPROM Marketing and Trading, UK); Hooloovoo, Belgrade, Serbia; SOPREX, Belgrade, Serbia; SUNCE Markinković Kragujevac, Serbia; Tarkett, EE; Oxford Research, Norway; K&Z, svetovanje za razvoj doo, Slovenia; YUBuild&Chamber of Commerce, Serbia (client: FAS Sombor); English School of Business, Belgrade (client: ZORKA KERAMIKA); Slatka kuća doo, Serbia, …


Friedrich Ebert Stiftung BiH; SPARK Netherlands (The Human Safety Network Netherlands, Business Start-Up Centers in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palestine); United Nations Development Program Serbia; MSP-NE EU funded program; MSP-SDC; Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities; SIDA-SIPU, Sweden (client: Office for HR, Government of Republic of Serbia), …

Agencies and Municipalities

City Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Belgrade; Regional Development Agency Braničevo-Podunavlje, Požarevac, Serbia; Regional Development Agency, Kragujevac; Municipality of Irig, Serbia; Municipality of Ćuprija, Serbia

Non-governmental Organizations

Corporate Learning Solutions, UK/Belgium (client: UNICEF Geneva, Switzerland); Female Board Pool, Luxembourg; Female Board Pool, Belgium; EURECNA, Italy; European Mentoring and Coaching Council, Belgium; LRF za Pomurje, Slovenia; UniverzumMinerva, Slovenia; Local Action Group (LAG) Irig, Serbia; Local Action Group (LAG) Šid, Serbia

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