We facilitate:

  • planning meetings
  • evaluation workshops
  • creative sessions
  • decision-making meetings
  • staff-retreats

Our facilitators were members of International Association of Facilitators (IAF) for more than 10 years. A few of our articles where published in IAF Newsletter since 2008. Slađana Milošević was IAF Global Member of the Month, August 2012 (more info at: http://mobilis.co.rs/about-us/press-release/)

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Here you can see how our Facilitation Training looks like:

Training for LRF za Pomurje, Slovenia, October 2013

We have been mentors to new facilitators for more than 15 years:

Mentoring program for facilitators from BiH for Future Search Workshop, 2011

Manual in Bosnian language “Facilitation”, published October 2013 for 1st International Facilitation Week, was edited by Mobilis team and we contrited as authors too. Authors are members of IAF BiH trained in 3 modules by Mobilis Ltd. It was published by Friedrich Ebert Foundation, BiH.

Manual can be downloaded from here.

First book in Bosnian language “”Facilitation-An Introduction” was published in 2011, thanks to Women to Women and Friedrich Ebert Foundation, BiH

You can download manual here.

MOBILIS new methods:

“Time Management Grid”, developed by our partner Quantum Infotrainers&Consultants, India