Coaching/Mentoring. Supervision

Our leading coach/mentor is EMCC accredited and have experience with coachees world-wide (from USA to Japan).

We do executive and business coaching (our clients: CLS (client: UNICEF Geneva, Switzerland), Ward Howell, Russia (client: NIS/GAZPROM Neft, Hemofarm, Tarkett, SAGA New Frontier Group, …)

Our individual clients are from India, Slovenia, Hungary, etc.

As outsourced we coached clients from: USA, Germany, France, Japan, Switzerland, Georgia, Russia, Spain, etc.

Supervision for coaches/mentors since 2016 for clients from Serbia, Russia, Germany.

Mobilis Coaching Centre officially opened July 7th 2013!

Coaching sessions for business women/leaders in a pleasant, quiet, environment, not far away from Belgrade… your time only to talk, reflect, think, be motivated, meditate, benefit and ENJOY!

First book about Coaching in Serbian language published in 2009

Read about book at: Coaching Book in IAF Newsletter 2009

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“Logo-coaching” manual is available for free.

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